Fashion Design

I had a project due today in design. The assignment was to make a collection with inspiration from an object I found. I choose a tower in Copenhagen called Børsen Tårnet  because of its sort of twisted shape.
I had a beautiful silk fabric at home, so I choose to make my collection with inspiration from that too, so all the pieces were connected in a way. My first piece is an elegant dress made for the red carpet. It’s draped around the upper body and goes straight down from the hip to the floor.
My second piece is an everyday dress, made in the same material as the first one. The design is pretty simple but around the hip is a leather string to give it an extra touch.
My third piece is also an everyday-piece. It’s a mix of a jumpsuit and a two piece. It’s seperated in the front so skin is showing but it’s connected by a cross on the back. It’s suppose to be in two layers, a black tight one under the green silk fabric so it’s not completely see through.
My second last piece is a sleeveless cocktail dress  with a leather string around the waist. Around each arms is a bracelet that ends out in two tips on the back.
The last piece I made was a petticoat that is twisted around the body and completely see through.
I did the presentation today and I think it went well. I’ll upload the pictures of the collection down below, unfortunately I haven’t gotten a picture of the scale model, but I’ll look into that.
Love, Cleo


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