Quotes about love, life and happiness

Jeg har ligget syg hjemme hele dagen og har ligget og læst quotes som jeg nu vil dele med jer. Hav en god weekend, jeg kommer nok ikke til at opdatere før mandag/tirsdag, da jeg har en lang fødselsdags weekend foran mig.

Love, Cleo

images-17 tumblr_lvsxew73gM1qledtlo1_500 images-16  207716_10151323881898630_492139492_n tumblr_mgf6t2Rk7N1rcx1azo1_500 people-always-think-that-the-most-painful-thing-in-life-is-losing-the-one-you-value-the-truth-is-the-most-painful-thing-is-losing-yourself-in-the-process-of-valuing-someone-too-much-and-forgetting-that-you-are-speci 534513_409186992452256_648142062_n Photo-Apr-20-5-35-28-AM canal reflectionThe-three-things-a-guy-should-want-to-change-about-his-girl-is-her-last-name-address-and-her-viewpoint-on-men fd35bdb7e354fb4a089a066421cc3edf images-2 3999 images-3   2791  images-7 tumblr_lluzuhmKby1qbpwzeo1_500images-9 tumblr_lffk0e3h101qez5zto1_500  images-11 Id-rather-have-a-oh-wells-than-a-life-of-what-ifs Coin-Toss images-12 64640_389799357763068_1872943124_n images-13 Be-careful-with-your-wordsBe-careful-with-your-words Finding-Love-quote2 images-14 two-results2 GxqoY.jpgmissing-someone-is-your-hearts-way559118_10200464946322517_1818018498_n


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